Andrea was a typical twenty one year old university student trying not to be swallowed by the sharks of life even before she had the chance to prove her worth to the world. She did not take education lightly. Born of parents who expected effect results and her being the only child received all the parental pressures. There was nothing about her that stood out… for those who did not know her well it was easy for them to lose her in the crowd.

University life is like a phase in life. All the craziness expected and presumptions that are weighed in everyone’s mind did not show the best quality in the twenty something year old guys that struggle so hard to finish and fight the competition in real life in order to make it. especially for Andrea. but so what? she was a crazy- fun girl who loved outings and night walks and wild fun that came with the freedom of being a university girl. She was not good at relationships  and couldn’t survive in one for long. She loved being free. She was a Qeep mistress, a social network princess and a fun goddess. Andrea loved success, the smell of it drove her mad with motivation. She wanted that BMW X6, that big compound, big family and circle  of friends that was loyal and most of all a man who would celebrate all her successes with her.  There was no much difference between her and Marlia, her tall, petite, dark skin devil child who like Andrea was not afraid to go out and see the world and be fun and social. Jade was a little bit different from the two though. She was a silent, opinionated but polite model. Marlia and Jade were always conscious of their dressing and loved cladding in heels to accentuate their body walks and well…(don’t say i told you, they are a cruel lot) it boost their self esteem a tad too much. They always aim to please.

Andrea loved shopping and eating. she did not have a model body. No, she was luscious and well kept. not fat, not thin. Get it mall was her it deal. every week was a get it week for her and Marlia. ‘ Marla that car!!…’ she exclaimed every time they went to shop at Get it. It was a BMW X6 series, maroon car with dark tinted windows , always packed at the same spot every time they were at the mall. They loved using the far left entrance just to see that beauty. Marla was already tired of all her ranting every time and would ask her to hush .

On this particular day as the three friends approach the far left entrance, Andrea looked at the car and said ‘this is why I am in school…’ Marla sighed and someone spoke out ‘you should encourage your friend instead of lashing at her all the time. I’m Ronald.’ ‘Please tell them’ Andrea replied laughing at the pissed friends whose expressions demonstrated hostility. weeks passed and Ronald would greet the everyday but Marlia and Jade never really warmed up to him. No one complained though.

On the eve of their semester end it was tradition for the three to celebrate then prepare for examinations. This time they decided to eat at a favorite coffee shop. Ronald however crashed their eat out and took them out to a different joint. they had fun. ‘I have fun with ladies i don’t know…. what Im trying to say is i would really like to know you,’ he said. Oh i am Dina(Laila professed), Lindah and Velarie. they lied about everything. He will never find out they said…


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