Fay Fictitious

Lord, here is a sinner who has come with a petition,

I have fallen all too often was thinking it was my damnation,

I got all these scars and bruises requiring medical attention,

I have this pain in my chest in need of a cough suspension.

But ain’t it all in vain if I lack your love and affection??

I know on your side Lord there is good reception,

Cause am on my knees begging for your divine intervention,

You died on that cross but I took for granted my salvation,

I acted like a fool and now lost my redemption,

I went out of my way in search of compassion,

I knew there was you but you was out of my options,

I know now I was wrong and fallen short of your expectations, don’t blame the deceiver it was my fault to succumb to temptations,

I saw it…

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