how to manage anger and frustration

I hope that you find this helpful in your endeavor to manage your anger. let’s face it, we all get angry when we feel like someone has wronged us. It may be because of a reason that we do not understand and in the moment when the feeling of frustration or being looked down upon, or not being understood kicks in, it multiplies and rises above all reason and all one thinks of is how they have been wronged. Here are some of the things you may do to cool down or manage your frustration and anger that might actually work.

  1. Taking long walks.when you get angry it is better to avoid conversing with the person you are mad at. Do not talk to them or try to solve the issue at that time as it will lead to more anger and frustration, the possibility of understanding is minimal and harsh words will be thrown around and people will get hurt.  Keep your thoughts intact and unsaid and take a very long walk. Everybody has their own taste in music. I love soft and soothing music. Indie rock for example and bands like Daughtry and 3 doors Down . Take your head phones with you and listen to music as you walk. It gives a soothing effect. It also gives you time to think about what happened, how it happened and your way forward.
  2. Do something that you love doing. Especially that which gives you patience or rather tests your level of patience and determination. It may end up reducing your anger to a minimum.
  3. Try explaining the situation to someone you look up to and trust and get an opinion. Maybe there is something that you understood, in a different way from the way your friend or the person you are mad at wanted you to understand.
  4. Sleep. When I am irritated or angry I usually take a nap. a short one. When i wake up the anger or frustration is usually gone.
  5. Cry. I know this may sound absurd but crying helps a lot. OK, most of the time that I am usually extra mad, or rather too mad to a point that i am shaking, I usually cry. It is like the tears just wash away the anger and frustration and a feeling of peace settles in and I am no longer mad.

I hope that you may find this useful. It is not scientifically proven but it is experienced either by me or it is feedback that I have received from someone I have asked or opinion that I receive from my friends. Feel free to try any of these methods out and any input to this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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