The Theory of a drop of water 

Its been two weeks since i attended the African Leadership Exchange and Development seminar in Nairobi. It was enlightening. From all the seesions we had… I was touched by the session about the drop of water in a cup. This session inspired me so much because it was like a link to the culture that of ‘Ubuntu’  that was inspired upon us delegates by Daudi Valia( the chairman to the conference) . I am because we are. We can all change the world together . Each drop of water poured into a glass can fill that glass of just takes a drop , another drop and another drop of water . For us all to fulfill peace and humankinds potential we need to be these drops of water. Together , it will be easier for us to change the world we need to unite, in our jobs, at home, socially and implement  whichever dreams we have that seeks to have a better world just not for us but for the generation that is coming up behind us . 

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